Providencia & Santa Catalina Islands

The Hidden Treasure of the Western Caribbean

Also known as “A HIDDEN TREASURE IN THE WESTERN CARIBBEAN SEA”, the islands have the richness and unique exotic natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea. They were recognized in 2000 by UNESCO as “SEAFLOWER BIOSPHERE RESERVE” with a length close to 32 kms, a total extension of 255 kls2 of coral reef which surrounds the islands. The islands are the third longest coral reef in the world and the second in the Caribbean sea. In 2005 were declared as a MULTIPLE USE MARINE PROTECTED AREA (MAP).

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To get to Providencia Island, you must first arrive at the San Andres Island by Colombian airlines such as Avianca, Satena, Aires or Copa Airlines Colombia. Once in San Andrés, you can reach Providencia Island by air or by sea. Satena and Searca are the operators that currently fly between San Andrés and Providencia with planes that do not carry more than 20 passengers. The flight takes approximately 25 minutes to get to El Encanto Airport. For the more adventurous, the Catamaran "El Sensation" or "El Splendor" of the company known as Navegando Navegando are the option to travel by sea between the islands, round trip tickets can be purchased. The trip takes approximately two and a half hours.

Cabañas El Encanto

Lo ideal para su descanso. Localizadas en el sector de AGUA DULCE, sector turístico de la isla, cruzando la calle del CENTRO DE BUCEO FELIPE DIVING CENTER. 17 Cómodas y amplias habitaciones dotadas con aire acondicionado, nevera, ventilador, TV. Parabólica, SERVICIO DE RESTAURANTE, atendidas por sus propietarios Benjamín y Carola Newball.

Posada Hippie's Place

En el sector de PUEBLO VIEJO, amplia cómoda y muy hermosa, rodeada de hermosos jardines, si desea su privacidad, y le gusta moverse en bicicleta o moto, los transportes más comunes en la isla, este sitio es ideal para aprender de la cultura nativa.

  • its easy access and minimum risk of accidents makes it suitable for all ages.
  • It is an ECOLOGICAL PARADISE free from contamination and pollution, the stresses of city life and mass turism. With a safe, calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Because of the warmth and kindness of its people. As soon as you arrive, you will be invited to chill out, forget about time, and enjoy all its magnitude.
  • As a tropical island the weather is fantastic. You can count on a beautiful “SEVEN COLOR” sea, warm water temperature, and an amazing varied coral reef, considered to be of high complexity and depth.
  • The amount and variety of diving sites where divers can appreciate the greatness of nature.
  • A SANCTUARY always WORTH seeing. Moreover, with not only marine but also land Biodiversity, such characteristics are rarely found around the world, it is ideal for detail observation.
  • To unveil the marine landscapes, to see an underwater exotic world, to feel the magnitude of creation, such as coral reefs, terraces, caves and sea fauna among many other things.
  • Because definitely it is an enchanted PARADISE full of surprises, untouched and well taken care of.