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Last night, when most of expedition team arrived, the crew had the Golden Shadow anchored just off Jamaica’s Port Royal, at the mouth of Kingston Harbor. In the 16th and 17th centuries that was a pirate hotspot, but an earthquake submerged much of the town in 1692. Some historic remnants remain, but there was no time for sightseeing.

Everybody was onboard by sunset and we headed south at about 10 p.m. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Skies are clear, seas are flat calm, and forecasts say it should stay like this for at least a few days.


Flat calm seasFlat calm seas


We’ve now traveled about 260 kilometers southwest of Kingston to a spot called Alice Shoal, which is jointly controlled by Jamaica and Colombia as part of a Joint Regime Zone. This is the northern tip of the San Andres Archipelago, a ring of reefs and tiny islets that stretches from where we are anchored to the inhabited island of San Andres, Colombia, roughly 400 kilometers southwest.

The Golden Shadow is situated in water so clear that we could see a stingray on the bottom today 35 meters below the surface. There’s a reef line a couple of kilometers from here, but nothing breaks the surface.


The Golden Shadow at Alice ShoalThe Golden Shadow at Alice Shoal


On this expedition, we’ll be exploring what are probably the most remote reaches of the Caribbean. There’s one light in the distance now, but we didn’t see any other boats all day. As we make our way around, we’ll be curious to learn how many fishermen manage to make the long journey here from Colombian islands, Nicaragua or Jamaica.

We started the day with a scuba orientation then moved on to preparations for what we hope will be a productive day of diving tomorrow. The members of the science team will be splitting into groups and heading in different directions aboard smaller boats. We’ll have people mapping the reefs, studying the conchs found in shallower waters, identifying and counting fish, and running detailed surveys of the corals.


Prepping for survey workPrepping for survey work


There is so little information available about this region that there’s no telling what we’ll find during the numerous hours we’ll be spending underwater. Check back each day for the next two weeks and we’ll let you know.


Written by Mark Schrope

(Photos/Images by: Mark Schrope)

To follow along and see more photos, please visit us on Facebook!  You can also follow the expedition on our Global Reef Expedition page, where there is more information about our research and team members.


Felipe Cabeza estan participando en la Expedicion que se llava a cabo por la Organizacion Ocean Living Foundation en



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Tuve la oportunidad de bucear hace un par de meses con Felipe y en verdad fue una experiencia increíble, los cursos son prácticos y divertidos, la biodiversidad bajo el agua es fantástica. Vale la pena conocer y bucear en Providencia, la calidez humana, los paisajes, comida, etc., permiten a cualquier persona tener unas excelentes vacaciones..... — Daniel Palacios

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Muchas gracias por ayudarme a sobreponer el miedo al agua. Sin duda no lo habría logrado sin la ayuda de Fepo y Pichi. Ambos son grandes personas, excelentes buzos. Muchas gracias por su paciencia, un abrazo a Jim. Ire muy pronto a visitarlos. — Lea Bernate

Mi recomendación al llegar a la isla es olvidarse de horarios y de la rigidez de la vida, la cultura e idiosincrasia de sus habitantes no les va a permitir casi que planear nada, son personas muy flexibles así que solo planeé hacer lo que pueda y aproveche cada momento.... Muchas gracias, — Daniel Palacios

Best place to dive in the Caribbean. Friendliest dive shop with a terrific scuba experience. Plenty of marine life both large and small. — Derrick


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